ENYA 2010 – ENYA Electronic Forum & Meeting in Strasbourg

On 7th April 2010 ENOC launched the ENYA electronic forum. ENYA’s forum is composed of main 3 parts: a discussion part exclusively dedicated to young people’s discussions, a discussion part open to the Coordinators and a general information rubric.

For the year 2010, 4 topics related to children’s rights have been selected to be discussed:

  • Education
  • Privacy and the risks linked to the use of new technologies
  • Health
  • Violence

The 2010 ENOC Annual Conference provided a unique opportunity to involve young people in ENOC’s activities by being physically present at the ENOC Annual Conference and by organizing their own session. Young people submitted their proposals on the 4 topics previously discussed on the ENYA electronic forum to ENOC members. Around 30 young people, 2-3 from each participating national Youth Panel, and their Coordinators, took part at the Annual Conference in a parallel meeting to this of ENOC members.