ENYA 2011 – Seminar in Belfast

ENYA 2011 activities aimed to include more direct contact with young people and Ombudspersons to enable fuller and more meaningful debates and discussions.

To facilitate this process a two steps proposal was put forward and approved by ENOC and supported by the European Commission. This involved:

Regional Meeting (2 days) where young people and identified ombudspersons split into four topic groups and they worked collectively to follow up on the proposals as identified at the Strasbourg Annual Conference in 2010 to decide what they could do as:

  • Young People
  • Ombudspersons at a national level
  • Ombudspersons at a European level

Following this meeting action plans were developed for tasks to outwork an agreed way forward.

Annual Meeting in Warsaw, Poland, September 2011 (3 days) was a joint initiative between young people, co-ordinators and ombudspersons to feedback on the actions taken from last year according to the action plans developed. The conference enable participants to present and evaluate the progress up to date on the action plans for each topic and to decide what topics will be taken forward for the next year.