The main objective of ENOC’s work is the safeguarding and the promotion of children’s fundamental rights. To do so, ENOC members select each year one specific issue that is affecting children’s rights and requires special attention and careful consideration at Member States’ and at European’s levels. The thematic is selected during the General Assembly and is based on propositions of ENOC members. The approach adopted by ENOC has the objective to explore the issue at adult and children’s levels and to compare the findings.

Each year, ENOC organizes a number of activities in order to enable ENOC members to work together as a forum of colleagues and to share their knowledge’s and findings regarding the thematic of the year.

ENOC working seminars

ENOC organizes working seminars in order to enable ENOC members who have already worked in one way or in another on the selected themes of the year to share proactively concrete case studies, situations or materials to help draw up a list of common issues/problems/obstacles faced by children affected by the selected issue in the different European countries. The Seminar provides a forum for participants to define common areas of concern about the issue and to draft a statement in preparation for the Annual Conference.

ENOC working seminar reports are available here

ENOC annual conferences

The ENOC Annual Conference is the concluding event for the themes selected each year and provides the opportunity to present the work ENOC has done over the year. The Annual Conference allows ENOC members to present “promising” practices on preserving the rights, needs and well-being of children and young people. It offers also an opportunity to expose states’ failures to guarantee children and young people’s rights. The Conferences are open to the wider public including the Governmental and Non-Governmental sector in addition to Ombudspersons for Children from across Europe and even beyond. On the last day of the Conferences, ENOC holds its annual General Assembly meeting during which the new ENOC Bureau is elected, and will decide on the network’s priorities for the next year.

Annual Conference reports are available here

ENOC position papers

ENOC members assisted by an independent external expert, issue, at the end of the Annual Conferences, a position statement on the subject of the year. The statements reflect ENOC members’ experience but also young people’s feedback on the issues selected. This process will develop and empower ENOC members’ knowledge’s on all aspects (causes, consequences, practices, etc.) defining specific issues impacting on the realization of Children’s Rights. ENOC’s work also benefits NGO’s and national and European institutions that attend ENOC’s events or will access information through different communication channels (ENOC website, reports, statements, ENOC members’ communication channels, etc.).

ENOC Positions Papers are available here

ENYA & ENOC participation projects

Children and young people’s participation and feedbacks constitute the other important piece of work aiming to give a voice to those most affected by the issue in question (Article 12 UNCRC). Through the European Network of Young Advisor (ENYA) and ENOC’s participation projects, ENOC implements each year a ground-based child participatory approach by directly involving children and young people.

Find out more about ENOC’s participation projects and ENYA activities here