CALL FOR TENDERS: ENOC is looking for an expert to support its work on “COVID-19: learning for the future”

January 20, 2021

ENOC is looking for an expert to support its 2021 thematic work on “COVID-19: learning for the future”, with the aim of assessing the impact of states’ responses to COVID-19 on children’s rights in Europe.

In collaboration with ENOC, the contracted expert is expected to deliver :

  • A questionnaire or other appropriate tool/survey aiming to collect in an uniform way the results and findings of country CRIAs, or other relevant data related to the impact of COVID-19 States’ measures on children’s rights.
  • A synthesis report on child rights impact assessment which will map the impact of COVID-19 states’ measures on children’s rights within the ENOC membership and which will inform the draft statement on CRIA.
  • The ENOC Position Statement on “COVID-19: learning for the future”

The applicants will be expected to demonstrate:

  • Significant experience of conducting research or providing expert advice in one or more of the following areas: Children and Young people’s rights; the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and other European and international human rights instruments; human rights impact assessment and child rights impact assessment; children’s rights in emergency/crisis situations.
  • Examples of undertaking research or providing expert advice within these areas and is able to work within the timeframes provided.
  • Experience of working directly with children and young people.
  • Significant alanytical and drafting skills.

Only candidates from EU Member States are eligible to participate in this tender.

Please send your application to and Deadline for applications from experts: 3 February 2021.

Read the full call for tenders here.