July 2023

ENOC is looking for an expert on children's rights with extensive knowledge on Child Rights Impact Assessment to lead and support its joint initiative with UNICEF on a multi country impact assessment of COVID-19 states' measures on children's rights to protection.

In the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, ENOC and UNICEF have initiated a collaboration around the issue of COVID-19 and children’s rights. In May 2020, ENOC and UNICEF conducted a short online survey on Ombudspersons and Commissioners for Children’s responses to the new challenges generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Twenty three ENOC members responded. Following this survey, nearly 60 representatives of Ombudspersons for Children’s offices and UNICEF participated in an online session on June 2nd 2020, to discuss and share some experiences on the impact of COVID-19 on their work and on children’s rights in their respective countries. The main issues raised in the survey and during the joint online session are summarized in a summary Report here.

Following up on this ongoing collaboration, UNICEF ECARO proposed to further partner with ENOC to support national child rights mechanisms to assess key identified areas and specific vulnerable groups of children including those in institutional care, in detention/closed institutions, affected by violence, involved in child labour or caught in migration. Through this cooperation project, UNICEF will support ENOC to provide direct technical assistance to a number of Ombudspersons for Children’s offices in Europe and Central Asia for the undertaking and completing of specific Child Rights Impact Assessments (CRIAs) related to COVID-19.

In collaboration with ENOC, the contracted expert is expected to:

  • Provide participating countries with assessment guidelines based on the ENOC Common Framework of Reference and tailored to the capacities of countries;
  • Provide a reporting structure for the CRIAs, which should be the same for all participating countries to enable compilation of country, sub regional and regional reports;
  • Organize, together with UNICEF ECARO and the ENOC Secretariat, a launching event to introduce the joint project, its purpose, objectives and expectations to project participants but also more broadly to ENOC members and other stakeholders such as the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the EU, etc.
  • Facilitate a training/capacity building event for participating ombudspersons for children’s offices on how to develop and conduct independent CRIAs customized to this particular assessment;
  • Organize sub-regional working sessions/update meetings to check progress and provide support and advice as may be required;
  • Provide guidance and quality assurance to the participating countries on the assessment: development of methodology – regional and country specific, data collection, analysis, drafting of the country reports;
  • Summarize and analyze country findings in regional and/or sub regional report(s);
  • Launch the reports and disseminate findings at selected forums including with EU and the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

The applicants will be expected to demonstrate:

  • Significant experience of conducting research or providing expert advice in one or more of the following areas: Children and Young people’s rights; the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and other European and international human rights instruments; human rights impact assessment and child rights impact assessment.
  • Proven experience in the analysis of data from different sources, qualitative and quantitative data, and within different countries/contexts.
  • Proven experience of organizing trainings and provide quality assurance in a multi-country project.
  • Project management skills.
  • Good communication ability to explain analytical results to a no technical audience.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English.


  • Experience of working directly with children and young
  • Previous work experience with the United Nations
    System or other children’s rights organizations.

Please send your applications to secretariat@enoc.eu and secretariat@enoc.eu.

Deadline for application from experts: 13 January 2021.

Please read the full call for tenders here.