ENOC 2021 Annual Conference and General Assembly meeting


Due to the ongoing sanitary restrictions, ENOC has organised its first hybrid Annual Conference and General Assembly meeting, online and in person in Athens, Greece on 27-29 September 2021. The Conference was hosted by the Office of the Deputy Ombudswoman for Children’s Rights in Greece represented by Mme Theoni Koufonikolakou, who on the same occasion took over the Chairmanship of ENOC for the coming year.

The ENOC Annual Conference was the concluding event on the annual theme “COVID-19: learning for the future”. Experts shared their knowledge and experience with representatives of independent children’s rights institutions, and ENOC members had the opportunity to share best practices, information and strategies on the Conference theme. The ENYA young people moderated workshops and presented their recommendations on several issues affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including health, poverty, education, violence and abuse, participation, information, play and leisure, digital environment and family.

On 29th September 2021, ENOC also held its 25th General Assembly meeting, where the new ENOC Bureau was elected, the ENOC position statement on “COVID-19: learning for the future” and on “Violations of the human rights of children on the move in the context of pushbacks”, and the ENOC Standards, Values and Sanctions endores, as well as the priorities of the Network for the next year discussed and agreed.

The Conference is not open to the general public. Participation is submitted to prior invitation.

Read the agenda here.