ENOC 2022 Annual Conference

ENOC will hold its 26th Annual Conference and General Assembly meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, on 19th -21st of September 2022. The Conference will be hosted by the Ombudsman for Children in Iceland represented by Salvör Nordal who, on the same occasion, will take over the Chairmanship of ENOC for the coming year.

The ENOC Annual Conference will be the concluding event on the annual theme "Children's rights & Climate Justice".

ENOC members, academics, experts, representatives of local authorities, international and European governmental and non-governmental organisations, will be in attendance to share knowledge, experience, promising or bad practices on the Conference theme and discuss ways for improvement and common solutions. Young people participating in the ENYA project will also play an active role throughout the event. They will be hosting sessions related to different aspects of the Conference theme and will also present in an interactive and inclusive way their recommendations on Climate Justice as part of ENYA 2022 activities.

The Conference is not open to the general public. Participation only upon invitation.

More information to come soon.