ENOC 2023 Spring Seminar – Stockholm

February 15, 2023

As part of its 2023 Annual work, ENOC is organising the first round of discussion on the issue of "The role of National Human Rights Institutions in the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of the Child" in the format of a Spring Seminar that will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, on 29th - 30th of May 2023.

The Seminar will provide ENOC members with the opportunity to share knowledge and experience on the issue,  but also to discuss the initial terms of the related Policy Statement. On the same occasion, the ENOC 2023 experts, Prof. Ursula Kilkelly and Dr. Katrien Klep, will present the preliminary findings of the ENOC mapping survey on the same theme.

The Day 2 of the Seminar will be devoted to the protection of children's rights in emergency situations.