ENOC 2024 Annual Conference

18 - 19 September 2024

ENOC will hold its 28th Annual Conference and General Assembly meeting in Helsinki, Finland, on 18-20 September 2024. It will be hosted by Elina Pekkarinen, Ombudsman for Children, Finland, who, on the same occasion, will take over the Chairmanship of ENOC for the coming year.

The ENOC Annual Conference will be the concluding event on the annual theme "The Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Children in Alternative Care".

Ombudspersons and Commissioners for Children from across Europe and beyond will participate in the event along with representatives of key European and International Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations, governmental authorities, professionals, experts, and other stakeholders working in the children's rights field.

Young people participating in the ENYA 2024 project will play an active role throughout the event. They will host sessions related to different aspects of the Conference theme and will also present in an interactive and inclusive way their recommendations on the rights of children in alternative care as part of ENYA 2024 activities.


More information and agenda will follow.



Image designed by Freepik