ENOC Bureau Statement on massive unprecedented and grave human rights violations against children in the Gaza strip

November 2023

The situation of children in the Gaza Strip is critical and amounts to an unprecedented, massive and grave violation of all of their human rights, with their inherent right to life at the forefront. Reportedly, more than 3500 children lost their lives in the last three weeks due to unrelenting attacks. The death toll is on the rise by each day. There is no child in the Gaza Strip who has not experienced distress, trauma, destruction, displacement or bereavement. Their basic needs – food, water, health care, shelter – are no longer met, and their survival is severely under threat.

Any targeted attacks on civilians, children, or first response facilities sheltering or providing immediate health or other care and support to children and families is a violation of international humanitarian law and of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

As independent children’s rights advocates, the ENOC Bureau calls on the international community to use all its powers to stop and further prevent grave violations of the rights of all children in the Gaza Strip.

We call on all parties involved in this conflict to respect and ensure respect for the rules of international humanitarian law applicable in armed conflict, especially with regard to children.



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