ENOC working Seminar on “Violence against Children”, Athens

ENOC’s working theme for 2015 is violence against children. In this context and in parallel to other activities, ENOC is organizing, in advance of ENOC’s 19th Annual Conference (22-24 September 2015 in The Netherlands) on this topic, a summer working seminar to take place on 29-30 June 2015 in Athens (Seminar venue: Best Western Fenix Hotel, Glyfada/Athens)


The purpose of the working seminar is to serve as a forum for participating ENOC member institutions to meet and to provide input to the draft statement to be agreed during the annual conference. Work on the statement will progress on the basis of a first draft provided by Marc Dullaert, Chair-Elect of ENOC and Children’s Ombudsman of the Netherlands.


This statement will deal with the legislation, services and preconditions necessary for tackling violence against children. During the working seminar, participating members and especially those having extended experience on the issue will be encouraged to share relevant work and promising practices on the issue of violence against children. In addition, ENOC members will further have the opportunity to present any relevant work on the theme during the annual conference in Amsterdam.


Marielle Dekker has been invited to introduce the working theme and to make an overview of the existing European and international instruments and standards on the issue. She will also lead discussions at the seminar. Ms. Dekker is a leading expert on violence against children and director at the Augeo Foundation, author of a recent Europe wide report on violence against children. Together with the Ombudsman for Children of the Netherlands, she will provide external knowledge and extended support to the drafting committee for the elaboration of the ENOC position statement on the same topic.


The seminar is organized with the kind support of the Greek Ombudsman’s office and the special assistance of the Greek Deputy Ombudsman for Children’s Rights.

  •  Read here the Seminar programme.