ENYA 2013 – “Children on the Move: Children First!” Project

The ENOC working theme for 2013 was “Children on the move”. This included children who are affected by migration, the refugee status of their family, asylum seekers, Roma children or children who have been trafficked.

In previous years, ENOC involved children/young people and their discussions have been linked to the ENOC working theme through an extensive use of the ENYA E-Forum and by the organisation of meetings where young people presented their findings to ENOC members. However, the theme of ‘children on the move’ presented barriers to children travelling for the purposes of a meeting because of their previous experiences, immigration, or refugee status and vulnerability in the country of residence.

Therefore, ENOC decided to produce a film (a ’52 minutes documentary) gathering different experiences of children across Europe affected in some way by the phenomena of ‘children on the move’. The edited version of the film was broadcasted for a 1st time at the European Parliament on the occasion of the 17th ENOC Annual Conference in September 2013. This event also marked the official public release of the film.

All ENOC members engaged in the dissemination and broadcast of the film in their respective countries and the ENOC Bureau worked in a dissemination strategy at the European level (EU institutions, EU agencies, Council of Europe and the Commissioner for Human Rights).