ENYA 2016 – “Equal Opportunities for all Children in Education” Project

"Same chances should not be by luck or by chance. The same chances in education should be guaranteed to all children and young people independently of their personal, social, cultural, religious or other situation"-stated a young participant in the 2016 edition of the ENYA child participation project addressing the theme of providing equal opportunities for all children and young people in education. Children and young people from six ENOC countries-Cyprus, France, Georgia, Greece, Malta and Scotland-participated in the project. They have been given the opportunity to express their views on equal chances in education, on existing barriers and identified problems which, according to them, prevent children and young people from fully enjoying their right to education.


One of the key messages that came out from the consultation with participating young people is that they see the right to education as a long and continous process and one which should rather aim to provide children and young people with skills and not only with knowledge.  They all insisted on the importance of education for all groups of children, especially for the most vulnerable ones such as children with disabilities or refugee children and consider it crucial for children and young people's self-esteem, self-development and well being.


The realisation of the project was supported by a professional company, Media Education from Scotland, which visited all six participating countries and helped participating young people to convey their messages on the subject in a stylistically consistent way. The three-party (Media Education-Ombudspersons for Children's Offices-children & young people) collaboration resulted in the realisation of a 31' minute film reflecting children and young people's views on equal chances in education. A short '7 minute version has been created for communication purposes and a '9 minute webdocumentary to show the backstage and children and young people's motivations for participating in the project.

ENYA 2016 VIDEO-SHORT version

ENYA 2016 VIDEO-LONG version