ENYA 2023 “Let’s Talk Young, Let’s Talk About Protecting and Promoting Children’s Rights”

ENYA "Let's Talk Young, Let’s Talk about Protecting and Promoting Children’s Rights " project aims to provide a forum for the participation of Young People thus giving them a voice on the accessibility, visibility, engagement and the powers of CRIs. The Project’s values and goals are to promote child participation and to ensure the right to be heard (Article 12, UNCRC).


ENYA 2023 project was coordinated by Suzanne Garcia Imbernon, Office of the Commissioner for Children, Malta, supported by the ENOC Secretariat, a member of the Bureau and ENOC’s Child Protection Officer (CPo).


The 18 participating teams of young people come from Andalusia/Spain, Armenia, Basque country/Spain, Belgium/Flanders, Catalonia/Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Jersey/UK, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Northern Ireland/UK, Poland, Slovakia, and Scotland/UK.


Between February and June 2023, the young advisors worked with their peers at the national level on a set of 8 rights-based recommendations on the role of Children’s Rights Institutions (CRIs) in the protection and promotion of children’s rights, and specifically on CRIs’ accessibility, visibility, engagement and powers.

After learning and working on the topic at the national level, two young advisors per participating institution attended the ENYA Forum in Malta, on 4-5 July 2023. There, young people agreed on a set of recommendations that were compiled and presented to ENOC with the aim of being incorporated into the ENOC Statement, which was endorsed at the ENOC General Assembly in Brussels, Belgium, on 21 September 2023.

ENYA Young People at the ENYA Forum, Malta 2023

ENYA Young People at the ENYA Forum, Malta 2023

Group photo after the music workshop at the ENYA Forum, Malta 2023

ENYA Forum

ENYA Forum, 4-5 July 2023, Malta