ENYA “Let’s Talk Young, Let’s Talk About Violence” video now online

October 13, 2015


fun group photo Athens June 2015The ENYA 2015 video project related to the subject of violence against children is now online. The project run through different phases: a training Seminar for ENYA Coordinators back in March 2015 in Brussels; country work (April-July) led by ENYA Coordinators and media and other professionals; shooting of country videos; intermediary evaluation and first presentation of countries’ work by the organisation of an ENYA Forum (28-30 June 2015, Athens, Greece) where children and young people from Azerbaijan, Belgium (French community), Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Malta and Sweden, shared their country experience on tackling the issue of violence in the media. The outcomes of the project have been experienced for a 1st time by participants of the ENOC 19th Annual Conference that took place last September in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For further information on ENYA activities, see here