Position Papers

  • September 2021

COVID-19: learning for the future; Children on the move and Pushbacks

In 2021, ENOC focused on assessing the impact of states’ responses to COVID-19 on children’s rights in Europe. Building up on what has been completed in 2020 in the area of Child Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA) , ENOC through its membership has mapped how COVID-19 emergency legislation and practices have affected children’s human rights and wellbeing and what are the lessons learnt to ensure a better preparedness and capability to respond effectively to a similar challenge in the future. This work was led by the Office of the Deputy Ombudsman for Children in Greece supported by a specially created thematic Working Group. A second Working Group adressing an ad hoc issue related to children’s rights in the context of pushbacks prepared an ENOC statement on this additional theme. The two statements have been unanimously adopted at the ENOC General Assembly held on 29th September 2021 both in Athens, Greece and online.

ENOC Statement on COVID-19: learning for the future: English, Spanish.

ENOC Statement on children on the move and pushbacks: English.

ENYA Young People’s recommendations on COVID-19: learning for the future: English, Spanish.

ENOC Synthesis Report on COVID-19 and children’s rights: English.