Equal Opportunities for All Children in Education

2016 Annual Theme


The ENOC 20th General Assembly, held on 22 September 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania, adopted a common position statement on Equality in Education. Based on the ground experience of ENOC members and despite the large variety of practices and standards in the different ENOC member countries and regions, ENOC members agreed on 11 crucial recommendations and provided data and evidence for each of them. The impact of austerity and budget cuts on the right/access to education of the most disadvantaged groups of children, the refugee crisis and the right/access to education of children and young people affected by being on the move, the benefits of early childhood education and care, the alarming numbers of early school leavers, the need to tackle inter and intra school segregation, the need to train teachers on equal opportunities in education, are among others the vital recommendations of the statement.