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ENOC aims are
To encourage de fullest possible implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the the Child
To support collective lobbying for Children’s rights
To share information, approaches and strategies
To promote the developpement of effective independent offices for children
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ENOC gathers
independent children's rights institutions
in 34 countries


within the Council of Europe member states
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ENOC Participation Projects

ENOC 2015 participation project “....LET'S TALK ABOUT VIOLENCE!”

“LET'S TALK YOUNG, LET'S TALK ABOUT VIOLENCE!” is a child participation project realised by ENOC with the support of the EC. It engages with children and young people (10-18 years old) from across 11 different principalities (Azerbaijan, Belgium Brussels, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Malta and Sweden) to hear from them how they perceive violence as a phenomenon, how they would present it in the media and what they propose to tackle efficiently violence against children

ENOC participation project “AUSTERITY BITES: children's voices!”

“AUSTERITY BITES: Children's Voices” is a series of creative audio visual animations realised by ENOC with the support of the Council of Europe. ENOC engaged with 34 children and young people (9-19 years old) across 8 different principalities (Belgium Flanders, Belgium Brussels, England, France, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Scotland) to hear from them which aspects of the austerity crisis are affecting their lives and the realisation of their rights

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