The European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC) holds one major member’s meeting each year (and occasional special meetings). These are hosted by a member institution or by ENOC.

They include sharing information on members’ activities and strategies, discussion of particular themes and adoption of position statements, as well as network business.

ENOC invites Independent Children’s Rights Institutions (ICRIs) from and outside Europe to attend as observers as well as representatives of International and European organisations (CoE, EU, UN, UNICEF, etc.) and of non-governmental organisations operating in the children’s rights field. Other observers may be invited at the discretion of the Bureau of ENOC.

2018 Paris, France- Children's rights and wellbeing, promoting mental health

2017 Helsinki, Finland- Comprehensive Relationship and Sexuality Education

2016 Vilnius, Lithuania- Equal Opportunities in Education

2015 Amsterdam, The Netherlands- Violence against Children

2014 Edinburgh, Scotland - The impact of austerity and poverty on the realisation of children and young people's rights

2013 Brussels, Belgium - Children on the move

2012 Nicosia, Cyprus - Children in conflict with the law

2011 Warsaw, Poland - Children in institution

2010 Strasbourg, France - Listening to children and involving them in the promotion of their rights

2009 Paris, France-The Best Interests of the Child

2008 Dublin, Ireland-Towards implementation of the UNCRC

2007 Barcelona, Spain-10th Anniversary of ENOC

2006 Athens, Greece

2005 Warsaw, Poland

2004 Cardiff, Wales

2003 Stockholm, Sweden