ENOC Participation project “AUSTERITY BITES: Children’s Voices” exhibition in Brussels

Organization: The European Network of Ombudspersons for Children

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“AUSTERITY BITES: Children’s Voices” is an new media resource which forms an exhibition composed of 32 films and realized with the support of the Council of Europe and the assistance of ENOC members and Ombudspersons for Children’s offices in Greece, Italy, Belgium (Flemish), Belgium (French Community), Netherlands, Scotland, England and France.

“AUSTERITY BITES: Children’s Voices” is a creative participation project engaging with 32 children and young people from eight principalities to hear from them what aspects of the austerity crisis are affecting their lives and the realization of their rights. The voices of children and young people are represented through a number of short audio and visual films created from still and moving images and audio representations of their experiences and views. It provides children with a channel to express their views through the creation of their own short films and animations.

The 32 films were combined to form a unique exhibition shown in Brussels from 6 to 16 December 2014.