June 27, 2023

ENYA to discuss on their turn how to strengthen the role of Children's Rights Institutions in the Protection and Promotion of Children's Rights

As part of the ENYA (European Network of Young Advisors) child participation project 2023, children and young people from across Europe have been working on the ENOC annual theme: “The role of Children’s Rights Institutions (CRIs) in the protection and promotion of children’s rights”.

The 18 participating teams in the ENYA project 2023 come from Andalusia/Spain, Armenia, Basque country/Spain, Flanders/Belgium, Catalonia/Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Jersey/UK, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Northern Ireland/UK, Poland, Slovakia, and Scotland/UK.

Between February and June 2023, ENYA country teams conducted several activities related to the annual theme, including meetings with experts, and proposing action-oriented recommendations for CRIs to increase their accessibility, visibility, engagement and powers to better protect and promote their rights.

The recommendations young people have come up with at the national level will further be discussed at the ENYA Forum, which will be held on 4-5 July 2023, in Malta. See the agenda HERE.
Two young advisors per country/region accompanied by their Coordinators will attend the Forum and will meet with their peers to agree on a common set of recommendations that will be incorporated in the ENOC statement, to be adopted during the ENOC General Assembly in Brussels, Belgium on 21 September 2023.

The ENYA Forum will be hosted by Commissioner for Children's Office, Malta. The ENOC Secretariat along with the ENOC Chair (Iceland), the Chair-elect (Flanders/Belgium) and the Children’s Commissioners for Andalusia, Jersey and Malta will also be in attendance.