ENYA 2022 “Let’s Talk Young, Let’s Talk About Climate Justice”

ENYA "Let's Talk Young, Let's Talk About Climate Justice" project aims to provide a forum for the participation of Young People thus giving them a voice on the issue of Climate Justice & Children’s Rights. The Project’s values and goals are to promote child participation and to ensure the right to be heard (Article 12, UNCRC).


ENYA 2022 project was coordinated by Zuria Arzua, advisor at the Ombudsman’s office of Basque country (Ararteko), Spain, supported by the ENOC Secretariat and a member of the Bureau.


Young People from Andalusia/Spain, Albania, Basque Country/Spain, Belgium Flanders, Catalonia/Spain, Croatia, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Jersey, Malta, Northern Ireland/UK, Poland, Scotland/UK, Slovakia and Wales/UK.


Between February and June 2022, young advisors took part in several activities with experts and coordinators in their home countries. The activities revolved around various sub-topics related to Climate Justice and culminated with Young People drafting recommendations on the main area.

After learning and working on the topic of Climate Justice at the national level, they all met at an annual youth meeting – the ENYA Forum - held in Bilbao, Basque Country from the 28-30th of June 2022.

The Forum represented an opportunity for Young People from each participating country to meet, connect, and share their ideas and experience. The objective of the Forum was mainly twofold:

  1. to facilitate the sharing of recommendations that Young People drafted in their home countries with the aim to realise common ENYA recommendations on the issue of Climate Justice;

  1. to offer the opportunity to build a strong sense of belonging to the ENYA project and goals.

The results of the ENYA Forum were presented at the 26th ENOC Annual Conference held in Iceland, in September 2022, where young people actively participated and shared their experience and views. Moreover, ENYA recommendations informed ENOC 2022 Policy Statement on Climate Justice and Children’s Rights.

ENYA Young People at ENOC 26th Annual Conference, Reykjavik 2022

ENYA Young People at the ENYA Forum, Bilbao 2022

ENYA Young People at the ENYA Forum, Bilbao 2022

ENYA Forum

ENYA Forum, 27th-30 June 2022